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Greetings, and welcome to WEB-PH homepage production site!

We are given a complete response by Japanese, English, Tagalog!

We offer homepages to Japanese individuals who have small-medium basic restaurant/ retail stores that are located anywhere in Southeast Asia.
The producer in charge of creating and handling these homepages is native Japanese who is currently residing in his homeland.
New websites can be created and used. However, once they are deactivated, they can no longer be made use of again.

The newly application


The following payments that are normally required to set up a home page will have no charge whatsoever:

- Initial cost (Only Japanese langage WEB SITE)

- Production fee

- Domain acquisition fee*

- Server usage fee

*For your convenience, we will be offering subdomains that will be prepared in advanced.

The site that you will be applying for can be used for free within duration of 3 months.

Your homepage will be released for free from the first day until the end of the second month.

The text will be written purely in Japanese..

After the 3-month free trial, payments will be made every month.

The homepages will be accessible in all kinds of computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

The expense of the user is only the monthly use price.

*The English version / Tagalog version entails an initial cost only in the first payment month after the end in the free term of trial of the Japaneseedition.


What's New

We produced the Website of the "caracalla Kachidoki".
Assistance in accepting the new application

To those that are currently making use of our services


If you changed your E-Mail address ,Please contact me from the contact us page when you change the e-mail address for communication. Please fill in inquiry contents with the e-mail address after the change by all means on this occasion if before a change.

Example An e-mail address changed.
Before a change:
After a change:

To those that are currently making use of our services, please go to “payment” for further details on the monthly payments.

To those that have already have an active homepage, corrections, such as changing the product name, editing the wording, altering the price or even adding more products and pictures, are very much entertained. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the “contact page”.Minor corrections are free, so please key in the necessary details in the content column.